I have moved //

Thank you for your continued interest in my post – I have indeed began blogging again but I’ve moved entirely. 

My new blog is :


Thank you! 

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I’ve been putting this off for way too long but I’ve been meaning to write again here for a very long time, I’ve just been very caught up in uhh . . . being lazy.

I doubt many of you will notice but I’ve removed a lot of older posts, things like film reviews and rants. I want to keep this blog purely for fashion and myself, I wanted a fresh start anyway since it’d been so long since I wrote. I’m going to try and keep up this time!

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Irony, determination and heartbreak.

Dear WordPress,

No, I know that you do not exist as a being and serve only as a blogging platform but I felt somewhat formal today (or strange as the case may be). Dramatic title (Would you expect any less of me?) but it sums up in 3 words, this day and the past week. (Weeks?)
Anyway, I recently started using popular microblog platform Tumblr. Which is essentially a blogging platform, however it’s much more casual as it doesn’t urge the writer to organise their blog and stress over paragraphs and detail – it’s mainly used for sharing, images, videos and audio files.  Obviously it’s a given for people to blog casually and write about their day but it’s not as comprehensive nor suitable as platforms such as wordpress itself, typepad and other well established services for topics that require much more detail. A nice of way of describing Tumblr is that it’s neatly “settled between Twitter and a full fledged blogging platform.” So, basically, quick updates and what not.
It also prides itself on being “the easiest way to blog.”
But much to my disappointment – as soon as I started using Tumblr – it went into a nine hour (an counting) coma.
It’s supposedly crashed but Tumblr itself claims to be “under maintenance”. And the irony is here, it crashed on the DAY I began using it, literally a couple hours afterwards. Maybe I’m exaggerating in saying there’s a black cloud looming over my head but that’s not where the irony stops.

I headed into Uni today, hoping to get some work done and actually wanting to work, I went in at the ungodly hour of 9am (ungodly for me!) meaning I was up at around 8. Also I must mention that the weather was nothing short of unkind. With temperature below freezing, clearly braving the wind in my leggings was not the best option, and all this only to find that the boiler system has malfunctioned and we were “advised to go home.” I honestly didn’t know wether to laugh or cry.
& To top that all off, I’ve recently been extremely infactuated with Topshops Animal Pom Pom Duffle Coat and it’s sold out in my local topshop – on the website and at the warehouse. I’ve had no luck tracking one down across the country either. I had the chance to try it on once but I didn’t manage to buy it then regretfully and now I shall forever wallow in the mistfortunes of missed oppurtunities. 😦

Must say, right now I bear a striking resemblance to this panda.

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i knew you once .

It seems that every time I write. My blog discerns a depiction of my life that is spiraling downwards. But trust me it’s not negativity, it’s just the reality that I see. { I’m a very happy person actually. }
& Yet again, I have the art foundation blues. The pathway has begun and we’ve been set a pathway F&T {Fashion textiles} project – you can read about here!
That is also – my fashion/foundation course/ blog. It’s new, so still developing – originally this blog was intended for exactly that but it turned out to be more of a personal blog where I just put EVERYTHING imaginable.
Anything that I can bring myself to write about anyway.
& In response to the title – it’s me actually. This foundation course obviously wants to dictate you to draw and present your work and express yourself in a way that is appropriate for ticking boxes to go onto a good course at University but following guidelines is zapping all the original creativity out of me. For the first time in a long time I flicked through on old sketchbook of mine. I remembered how much I loved my old work compared to what I’m producing now. I can hardly draw the same after honing my skills now. I find it a little sad really. I mean – I still keep an element of my style within my works. But only enough to keep me from being told not to involve it.
It’s the same issue with Manga/Anime styled drawings. Mine are also stylised hence inappropriate. Because the foundation course wants you to learn the basics and clear your slate so that you are fully prepared for being flexible for university. It’s working backwards for me. Since I’ve already established such a strong sense of drawing style.
I’m taking myself apart, and putting myself together again – yes, so I can be part of the system. So I can tick the boxes. So I can please others, but myself.
But it’s not all bad – I am learning, and I am having fun on this course, I do feel that I am acquiring a wider set of skills and who knows? After all – I may find an improved version of myself at the end of it all.

Welcome to a few of my sketchings & doodles. They’re uncompleted fast pieces of rough work so they’re not finished to any degree really. But I like that kind of in-progress developing work, I do sketch a lot . . .
Apologies for the quality also – I would’ve scanned them but that’d mean lifting the scanner into my room and then having to do a lot of hoo-ha which quite frankly doesn’t appeal to a lazy person like me!

Mistune (c)


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i want this hair.

Shin Se Kyung - Photo Credits To Allkpop.com

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High on vaccines, magazines and saccharine.

Worry not,

I have not flown off the rails and become an addict of any sort that would be detrimental to my personal health. However, I have developed a very unhealthy obsession for magazines {hence the title – also credits to Tablo’s amazing lyrical abilities – I found it very fitting for this particular post!}.

Call me pretentious but I just can’t seem to stop myself from buying them. I feel so much more stylish just holding one. They feed my every interest. They’re hardly books but they’re collective pages of information and art. Obviously there’s the advertising element (which is heavily lost on me as I find the actual page of advertising more attractive than the item they’re trying to sell). Effectively they’re a catalogue of pure advertisements – put the way they are done sets them apart from a typical catalogue. There are articles about idols, extraordinary people and even some political aspects. There are articles about life itself, experiences to do with life and histories of illustrations, fashion pieces; art. The media itself.
My interests ofcourse lie within fashion – I’m willing to wager the most successful type of magazine – but I do acknowledge there are art magazines, political, cars, interior and gossip mags etc.

Right now my hottest interests are ELLE & VOGUE UK. {Hate how expensive these are}. Because they are packed with the most beautiful pieces around the world and not to mention they are the worlds most successful fashion magazines. I have no reason NOT to love them. Now only if I could afford a subscription.

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The Student Sales In Highcross! – Leicester 2010.

I wish today lasted that little bit longer.
The highcross student night sales were nothing short of awesome. Having said that – bigger discounts might’ve made the day even better. But 20%’s better than 10%! And I won’t argue with that!

The shopping centre was bursting with life – I’ve never seen it so busy! Apart from the opening ceremony of course – however this is different.
There were hundreds of people (at least!) shuffling about and ofcourse queueing outside the stores they desired to visit. Monster queues outside of mainly Topshop, Office and Cult – everywhere else was decently busy but not enough to form a barrier with.

Being student night – sales weren’t the only big thing on, there were give aways by DEMON FM {Leicester’s Radio Station – Hosted by University Students} and several goodie bags being handed out at selected shops – sadly though I purchased 2 pairs of shoes from Office they ran out of goodie bags to give and this made me very sad.
I however gained 2 goodie bags from Topshop!
I must add, the DJ for Topshop was simply amazing – he was even better than the DJ at most clubs ( And that’s saying something!)

There were so many other things that I wanted but money can only be worth so much at one time and I knew that pray as I might – None would miraculously appear in my hand to feed my lust for clothes. But I’m happy with my purchases and I had a very good day to top it all off.

Since the sales didn’t start until 6pm ending at 9pm. Me & My friend {ConnehBean} had time to waste and we did so by watching “The Life And Death Of Charlie St.Cloud” which supirsed me as I had very low expectations for that film. It turned out to be not bad at all. I’m not a huge Zac Efron fan but I think he did well considering his rookie HSM status – but the film itself seemed as it were tacked together by postcard scenery and ghost stories for teenagers at sleepovers. Also, there was somewhat sentiment in this film that was meant to represent – as a critic phrased it – “How crushing it is to lose a loved one,” But to me – this sentiment was lost in the depiction of a seemingly indecisive story line taking turns between being a horror, a drama, a psychological and a romance genre-d film {there were parts in which an absent father is mentioned but this was never built on.} This movie seemed to be trying too hard and at the same time not enough – it was quite vague. There were also odd moments that made completely no sense to me {now addressing those who watched it – meaning yes, spoilers} Did he really have sex in a graveyard?

How did Tess not die after 3 days of being on that rocky island? She was in two places at once? Or did Zac Efron have sex with a figment of his imagination? {Someone clear this up for me please.}
However – as I said – I hadn’t high hopes for this film so I guess you could say I was mildly pleased. (At the expense of sounding like a complete snob.)

Later on we hit the Cafe for a short meal {Half an hour dinners FTW!} having noodles & drinks shortly before bussing it home. The day began brilliantly and ended as such alike. I look forward to more days like these.


NOTE : I’m loving leopard print lately – and I’m not sure why. I used to often think of it as a tacky print plastered across those who wanted to pave a quick path to being stylish, but recently I’ve thought quite differently. Especially when I came across these Harems – Forgive me for being totally out of season (or style you may say) but I clothe to suit my own tastes, not anyone elses.

I predict leopard making a huge comeback for this a/w 2010 and fur also. Plus boots yes. Bobble hats and huge scarfs. Oversized jumpers and thick ribbed socks. That’s what I’ll be stocking up with to keep warm! So over and out 🙂

{NOTE : I was meant to post this yesterday but my internet decided to fail me at the last minute! Anyway it’s up now – for those interested. It’s a bit vague I know. But that was that for now!}

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